Major book publishers

There are now five major book publishers that account for a huge percentage of all English language book sales in the world.

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Amazon Self-Publishing

We can’t talk about book publishing without discussing the huge changes brought about by the incredible popularity of Amazon. First it was their drive to lower prices, which enraged publishers around the world. More importantly, their self-publishing system has made it incredibly simple for authors to put their work out into the world and make genuinely good money off of it. If you keep your price between $2.99 and $9.99 Amazon gives the author a 70% royalty, which means you can sell far less copies that would traditionally be necessary and still make a great deal of money.

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Fame, Popularity...?

Many authors have begun their career self-publishing (E.L. James of Fifty Shades of Grey fame is in that class) and moved on to a major publishing house once they’ve generated sales and popularity. Kindles and e-readers of other varieties are growing in popularity, which means it’s a great time to be an author. As long as you have some talent and the will to work you’ll find an audience and can carve out a career as a successful, published writer with greater ease than ever before.

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